Software for scientific and industrial CT

CT Reconstruction

X-AID can reconstruct data from various CT acquisition modes and is characterized by very fast results due to its multi-GPU implementation.

Artifact Correction

X-AID is able to correct for a large variety of CT artifacts. Quick previews ensure an intuitive selection of parameters to obtain optimal reconstruction results.

3D Visualization

X-AID offers additional capabilities for volume analysis and 3D visualization of the final reconstruction results. 

End-user software with intuitive GUI

Stand-alone software

X-AID runs as stand-alone application and is available for Windows and Linux. (A GPU card is recommended.)

Easy operation

X-AID is developed in close collaboration with experienced CT users to guarantee a simple use of the software.

Supportive workflows

X-AID provides high-quality 3D CT data volumes without the need for profound knowledge in data processing.

System independent

X-AID features data-reading routines for many common CT devices and further possibilities for data import.

API for C++ and Python

Most functionalities of the X-AID framework are available as fully documented C++ SDK and Python API. The libraries allow for the development of individual software solutions, fast integration into existing workflows or the prototyping of advanced X-ray imaging techniques. OEM partner can thereby benefit from the broad range of possibilities, the fast processing speed and the high data quality that can be achieved by X-AID.

Python API

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Reconstruction of various CT scanning modes

Standard CT

Reconstruction of cone-beam or fan-beam CT data acquired over 360°.

Short CT

Reconstruction of cone-beam or fan-beam CT data acquired over 180° + fan angle.

Region-of-interest CT

Reconstruction of CT data from local tomographies to increase the scan resolution.

Multi-height CT

Reconstruction and merging of CT data from several height positions of the object to increase the vertical field of view.

Off-axis CT

Reconstruction of CT data from off-axis tomographies to nearly double the horizontal field of view.

Multi-offset CT

Reconstruction of CT data from multiple off-axis tomographies to even further increase the horizontal field of view.

(Multi-)Helix CT

Reconstruction of helical scanning trajectories to increase the vertical field of view and reduce cone-beam artifacts.


Reconstruction of data from acquisition modes for flat objects like oblique/planar CT and linear/rotational laminography.

Special trajectories

Reconstruction of advanced CT acquisition modes like non-equidistant angular sampling (HART) or varying geometric magnification.

Fast results

X-AID is optimized for multi-GPU and achieves fast results even for larger data sizes. The software is compatible with Nvidia and AMD. We can support you to choose the most suitable hardware configuration to profit most from X-AID for your specific needs.

1 GPU (Titan X)
2 GPU (Titan X)
1 GPU (AMD Radeon Pro)
2 GPU (AMD Radeon Pro)
1 GPU (RTX A5000)
2 GPU (RTX A5000))
1 GPU (RTX A5000)
2 GPU (RTX A5000)

Versatile tools for image improvements

Geometrical errors

Scan instabilities

Bad pixels / rings

Beam hardening


Phase effects

Flexible and versatile data handling

Rotation and cropping of volume data

Rotate and crop the volume prior to reconstruction to adjust the orientation of your object and reduce empty space.

Quick inspection of specific cross-sections

Screen cross-sectional slices through the 3D volume in all three dimensions for a first assessment of the data.

Several data export formats available

Transfer the data into other common software tools to perform more sophisticated analysis tasks when needed.

Export of user-defined sub-volumes

Select different 3D regions-of-interest directly within X-AID and only export these sub-volumes to save storage space.

Advanced processing options

Iterative reconstruction

Semi-automated and multi-GPU-based statistical iterative reconstruction for image quality improvements.

Direct reconstruction

Data can be processed directly from hard drive and to hard drive to significantly reduce RAM consumption.

Batch reconstruction

Automatic serial reconstruction of multiple scan data without the need for any interaction. 

Segmentation/analysis module

Quantify structures within your objects
The add-on module for segmentation and volume analysis adds a broad range of functionalities to analyze the reconstructed CT data directly within X-AID. These include post-processing filters, different thresholding options for feature segmentation, various morphological operations and final quantification of inner structures like the evaluation of pore or particle size distributions.

Stand-alone 3D viewer

Create 3D renderings of your objects
Reconstruction and analysis results can be directly transferred to our stand-alone 3D viewer with several capabilities for volume rendering. The viewer supports the visualization of multi-volumes and offers different color mapping, light settings or clipping options. In addition, it provides an integrated reporting tool and the export of .stl files from surface renderings.

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