Easy, fast and powerful software for scientific and industrial CT

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Versatile tools for image improvements

Geometrical errors

Rotation offset
Axis tilt
Detector tilt

Scan instabilities

Drift of focal spot
Ring artifacts
Object motion

Beam hardening

Cupping artifacts
Streak artifacts
Metal artifacts

Intuitive graphical user interface

Stand-alone software

X-AID runs as stand-alone application and is available for Windows 10 and Linux. (A GPU card is recommended.)

Easy operation

X-AID is developed in close collaboration with experienced CT users to guarantee a simple use of the software.

Semi-automated workflow

X-AID provides high-quality 3D CT data volumes without the need for profound knowledge in data processing.

Independent from system

X-AID features data-reading routines for many common X-ray devices and the list is continuously extended.

Fast results

X-AID is optimized for multi-GPU and achieves fast results even for larger data sizes. The software is compatible with Nvidia and AMD. We can support you to choose the most suitable hardware configuration to profit most from X-AID for your specific needs.

1 GPU (Titan X)
2 GPU (Titan X)
1 GPU (AMD Radeon Pro)
2 GPU (AMD Radeon Pro)
1 GPU (Ti2080)
2 GPU (Ti2080)
2 GPU (Titan X)
4 GPU (Titan X)

Reconstruction of various CT scanning modes

Standard CT

Reconstruction of cone-beam or fan-beam CT data acquired over 360°.

Short CT

Reconstruction of cone-beam or fan-beam CT data acquired over 180° + fan angle.

Region-of-interest CT

Reconstruction of CT data from local tomographies to increase the scan resolution.

Multi-height CT

Reconstruction and merging of CT data from several height positions of the object to increase the vertical field of view.

Off-axis CT

Reconstruction of CT data from off-axis tomographies to nearly double the horizontal field of view.

Batch reconstruction

Different reconstructions of similar objects performed in series without the need for any interaction.

Iterative reconstruction

Increase your image quality
and sample throughput

The efficient multi-GPU-based module for iterative CT reconstruction delivers superior image quality with comparably short reconstruction times. The semi-automated reconstruction workflow requires no knowledge about iterative reconstruction to obtain best reconstruction results.

Integrated 3D slice viewer

The final CT data can be directly displayed within X-AID. Any cross-section through the 3D volume can quickly be visualized to find the best views of critical regions and measure specific details.

Quick inspection of specific cross-sections

Screen cross-sectional slices through the 3D volume in all three dimensions for a first assessment of the data.

Basic measuring and reporting tools

Measure distances, add comments to certain features and save the edited images with one click.

Several data export formats available

Transfer the data into other common software tools to perform more sophisticated analysis tasks when needed.

Export of user-defined

Select different 3D regions-of-interest directly within X-AID and only export these sub-volumes to save storage space.

Stand-alone 3D viewer

Create 3D renderings of your objects

Our new CT data viewer features the possibility to create 3D renderings and surface meshes of your object. The mesh can be exported as .stl-file and used for further actions like 3D printing or simulations. The viewer is independent from the actual data processing routines and facilitates the process of sharing results with collaborators or customers. The viewer will be freely available for all X-AID users.

API for Python and C++

All functionality within X-AID is accessible from a fully documented API with bindings available for Python and C++. The API can be used for the prototyping of automated workflows, the development of innovative X-ray imaging techniques (e.g. phase-contrast or spectral imaging) and the integration in existing software.

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